Transitions is sewn with echoes of classic jams along with snapshots of Henes’ own creative personality.”

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Mark Henes

Worked with Stan Lassiter (SRV, Phish), Renee Grant Williams (Miley Cirus, Faith Hill), Vanessa Hill (Sony/Warner), and more.

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"Blues" Artwork

See Mark Henes Live!

See Mark Henes Live!

"Transitions" EP Artwork

"Transitions" EP Artwork


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Mark Henes released Transitions EP (2018) through Celebration Records LLC, which featured 5 self-produced songs. There is a person of great importance behind each song with a relatable significance heard through the lyrics. “Every person holds a story and every story holds a song”, says Mark. The opening song “Lift Your Cup” is calling on the show and performance for people, to celebrate a healthy fellowship with friends and the band. “Blues” and “Blues II” are songs of love gone awry. With the instrumental “Traveling”, Stan Lassiter, considered by many as Nashville’s premier jazz guitarist, told Mark, “I really like that song. It shows that you’re dynamic with your guitar composition.” And “Vagabond” is about a Romanian gypsy named Lucky, whom he met while living in East Nashville. 

His new debut studio album, Crystallized Reflections is currently underway working with producer Mark Lambert, guitarist Stan Lassiter and vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams. His new album will release in 2019 and is accompanied alongside a Southeastern tour.