Ghost Train

Mark Henes

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Mark Henes revels in the grittiness of early Americana, something that many people find missing from the current Nashville scene. With “Ghost Train,” he aims to bring back that rough and tumble spirit, singing a song that wouldn’t sound out of place in the catalog of greats like Cash and Kristofferson.

Accompanied by a gently prodding banjo with dark fiddle melodies weaving in and out of the mix, Henes brings the nocturnal scene to life with his keen eye for detail. “Yes I’m calling you to ride that ghost train back home,” he sings, with his voice full of longing and conviction. The performance is as pure and emotional as anything you’ll find in the Americana genre.

With his growing reputation as a songwriter and performer, songs like “Ghost Train” are destined to find a broad audience.

“Ghost Train” is available everywhere now.

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