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  1. Vagabond

From the recording Transitions

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Mark Henes Vocals / Electric Guitar
Carlos Guevara Drums
Tilford Smith Bass


Truth be told I think,
I would like to say that,

This is a song for you,
This is a song for me,

I’d like to think it’s for everyone
And I know now
It can’t be that way

So, I take my stand
And I walk alone

I don’t need your hand
I don’t need a helping hand

I think I understand
I can do it myself

I walk alone, ya
I walk alone…

I don’t think you understand
I’ll make it out here

I’ll take life where I need,
I don’t have the same fears
That you hold, ya

I left those long ago,
I think I do know-

Vagabond, Consider myself Lucky from time to time
Vagabond, I don’t mind, and I’ll take my own sweet time

I walk alone,
I walk alone, ya

And I’ll take my own sweet time,
Walk alone, I walk,
Take my own sweet time, alone, so alone...